Moroccan Modular Style Sofa Base in Reclaimed Wood

  • $49500

Moroccan style sofa base made in India out of reclaimed wood. The variety of colors is a great compliment to any spaces that need unique pieces. Explore all the possible ways of design your living room. Each piece is sold separately so you can create either a small sofa or a big sectional.

Tripe Size:  94"L  x 32"D x 12"H $1495.00   (Cushion size: 30"Wx30"Dx7"H X 3 sold separately)

Double Size: 64"L x 32"D x 12" H $995.00   (Cushion size: 30"Wx30"Dx7"H X 2 sold separately)

Single Size: 32"L x 32" D  x 12" H $495.00   (Cushion size: 30"Wx30"D X 7"H  1 sold separately)

*Base cushions  

*Back pillows


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