Unique wall hooks

  • $8900

Vintage Batik Ink Block Wall Hook, Unique wall hooks. original fabric stamp block for sari is unique and full of character. A great addition to any space and decor.

Hang your keys, Jacket, hats or jewelry.

Beautiful one-of-a-kind gift

size: approximately 8"W X 5.5"D X 5"H

Back in the Day and some factor in India today using this stamps for design on the sari the Indian women dress.

This beautiful collection of the stamps coming from all aver India and different times, the hooks add after We select the stamps.

Note: Our wooden items are not new or made to look old. They may have small marks and scratches on them, which are consistent with their age and original use. We feel these add to their character and appeal. Please look at the photos to get an idea of their condition.

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